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Honest Hutch (1920)

Honest Hutch

classified 12A

Slapstick 2019


Please note: This was screened in Jan 2019

Clarence G Badger
Will Rogers, Mary Alden, Priscilla Bonner
50 mins, 1920, USA
Primary language

One of the most popular figures in the United States of the 1930s, Will Rogers stars as a lazy good for nothing patriarch of his long-suffering family in this rare silent comedy western.

Dubbed ‘America’s Cowboy Philosopher’ at one time Roger’s was the nation’s #1 radio personality, #1 movie box office draw, #1 most sought after public speaker and the #1 most read newspaper columnist in the US. With a career spanning stage, silents, talkies, vaudeville, journalism and social commentary, this is a wonderful chance to see Rogers on the big screen.

Brought to you from the personal collection of film historian, Kevin Brownlow, Kevin says:

“I am very fond of HONEST HUTCH - it's a lovely piece of Americana - and I hope you will be, too. Will Rogers is an acquired taste - slow, charming and amusing in his titles as well as his actions, he is well worth watching.”