Three Stories of Love

Three Stories of Love 15 S

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2019


Please note: This was screened in Feb 2019

Ryosuke Hashiguchi
Tamae Andô, Lily Franky, Ryô Ikeda
140 mins, Subtitled, 2015, Japan
Primary language:

Internationally acclaimed director Ryosuke Hashiguchi tells three very different love stories in this poignant film that shows the quiet desperation of real-life love.

Unglamorous housewife Toko (Takahashi) is trapped in an exploitative relationship with an indifferent husband and a high-handed mother-in-law. Nothing seems enough to fill the enormous void in her life – until she meets a charming man who promises her not the moon, but a chicken farm.

Angst-ridden Atsushi (Shinohara) has an acute intuition that makes him a talented young bridge inspector – but ever since his wife was murdered three years before, he has been overwhelmed by grief and obsessed with fantasies of revenge.

Shinomiya (Ryo Ikeda) is a gay lawyer with a sardonic grin, a huge ego, and a younger lover who he treats like dirt. As his life begins to fall apart, he finds refuge with a school friend he once loved who now has a wife and child.

An under-appreciated housewife, a depressed widower, and a gay lawyer. This raw and realistic film beautifully shows what love can be to different people – and how, in the end, it is up to the individual to find their own happiness.

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