Hirokazu Koreeda: an emotional odyssey

Hirokazu Koreeda: an emotional odyssey

Of Flesh & Blood: The Cinema of Hirokazu Kore-eda


Please note: This event took place in April 2019

An Illustrated Talk

It is a rare and beautiful thing when a filmmaker can set up shop in your heart, perfectly poised for his characters to steal it away with so much compassion. Japanese writer-director, Hirokazu Kore-eda, did just this with his award-winning film Shoplifters. Following its success at the Cannes film festival and further afield, Kore-eda has since been catapulted into the international spotlight. Though critically acclaimed for almost thirty years, Kore-eda is only now receiving the recognition he deserves for his nuanced depictions of humanity, first learnt as a documentarian. As a body of work, his career is perhaps best understood as a continuous emotional odyssey, rather than a series of standalone narratives. So, with hearts open and a spotlight on humanity, we invite you to join us as we welcome his catalogue of empathy back on the big screen.

Cinema Producer and long-time Kore-eda devotee Tara Judah will embark upon her own emotional odyssey in the form of an illustrated talk, to celebrate the filmmaker’s unique and masterful approach to emotional storytelling. Showing clips and images from his work, this talk offers both a starting point and an opportunity for further discussion of an accomplished and stunning filmography. All you need to bring is a heart full of empathy and compassion, we’ll do the rest.