Stories from She Punks + Directors Q&A
Stories from She Punks + Directors' Q&A

Stories from She Punks + Directors' Q&A 15

Doc'n Roll


Sat 15 June 15:00

Gina Birch and Helen Reddington
55 mins, 2018
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Loud, fearless and (un)typical girls: Gina Birch (The Raincoats) and Helen Reddington (The Chefs), musicians and punk icons turned film directors, serve up a fascinating documentary built on interviews with the women who played instruments in punk bands in the 1970s.

In accounts laced with wit, honesty and insight, pioneering players including the Adverts’ Gaye Black (bass), Palmolive from The Slits (drums), Shanne Bradley from The Nips (bass), Jane Munro from The Au Pairs (bass), Hester Smith and Rachel Bor from Dolly Mixture (drums and guitar), bassist Gina and guitarist Ana Da Silva from The Raincoats, as well as many others, we hear tales about acquiring instruments, learning to play, forming bands and getting gigs.

Followed by a Q&A with directors Gina Birch and Helen Reddington