Enhancing wellness through physiologically controlled immersive video games

Enhancing wellness through physiologically controlled immersive video games

Lunchtime Talks at the Pervasive Media Studio


Please note: This event took place in May 2019

In this Lunchtime Talk we are delighted to be joined by Joey Campbell (Cork Institute of Technology) to discuss his fascinating research in VR, haptics and the gamification of physical exercise in immersive environments.

Joey Campbell is a researcher and lecturer in Immersive Environments at Cork Institute of Technology, as well as a freelance mixed reality developer. He is also an external PhD student at Bristol University’s Interaction & Graphics Lab, where he is in the final phase of a practice-based PhD, which is focused on exploring how physiologically controlled video games influence physical exertion.

To date his work has been published at ACM TEI, ACM CHI as well as being featured in the weekly tech blog Hack-A-Day and showcased by Epic Games in their developer section. At present Joey is the creative developer for two EU funded projects with Univerdad Europa’s eXtended Reality Lab and UK based games company Caped Koala.

Some topics he will discuss during his presentation are: body actuation, dynamic haptics, biofeedback loops, game engine sensor integration and tangible qualities within VR.