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Queer Vision Presents: The Best of Flare

Queer Vision Presents: The Best of Flare

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Queer Vision 2019


Please note: This was screened in July 2019

102 mins

The BFI FLARE LGBT+ film festival is one of the biggest and best LGBT+ Film festival in the world. Every year we attend the festival on London's Southbank to ensure we bring you a selection for Pride. The standard and diversity of the short films continues to be incredible and break new ground in queer representation and narratives in film that you won't see in the mainstream.

We bring you a selection of the best from this year's festival:

A Normal Girl (14 mins)
Pidgeon Pagonis, a lead activist and educator from the intersex community, crusades for body autonomy and the freedom to choose one’s own path.

Dressed For Pleasure (17 mins)
A young woman with a disability throws off protective parents and sets herself free and see who she truly is. Realising her desires, full of sensuality and seduction.

Night Out (10 mins)
Being a teenager is hard. Figuring out who you want to be is harder. Sometimes a night out can change everything.

First Day (18 mins)
This incredible debut from 11-year-old trans actor Evie McDonald sees her character switching schools and standing up to the bullies.

Infinite While It Lasts (18 mins)
Sparks fly between Danny and Seiji when they meet at a party, but will the truth be too much for the aspiring lovers.

Pirate Boys (13 mins)
1990s polymorphous queerness find Del LaGrace Volcano evoking trans-masculine sexuality with feminist writer Kathy Acker.

Home Girl (12 mins)
Burdened by things left unsaid Roya pushes away the women she loves, but what if she doesn’t have to hide anymore?