In Fabric
In Fabric

In Fabric

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Please note: This was screened in June 2019

Peter Strickland
Gwendoline Christie, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Julian Barratt
118 mins, Partially Subtitled, 2018, UK
Primary language:
English | French

Peter Strickland's (Berberian Sound Studio, Duke of Burgundy) latest is a sensuous and surreal story about a piece of killer couture: a cursed red dress that perfectly fits whoever buys it.

Set in dreary Thames-Valley-on-Thames (ha), it is the story of a stately department store and a haunted crimson dress, first bought by newly divorced Sheila (the brilliant Marianne Jean-Baptiste). Initially delighted at her bargain, she soon discovers the dress has unleashed an unspeakable evil, whilst the strange shopfloor staff perform disturbing, coven-esque rituals after hours...

Darkly, absurdly funny (Julian Barratt and Steve Oram as a pair of bureaucrats are a particular favourite), this retro nod to B-movie Italian giallo horror is a stylish blend of colours, sound and textures and a knowing critique of consumerist culture. Try it on for size – trust us.

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