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Queer Vision Best of British Screening

Queer Vision Best of British Screening

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Queer Vision 2019


Please note: This was screened in July 2019

103 mins

As a partner to the Iris prize Queer Vision, the Bristol Pride film festival have been open to submissions for this prestigious award.

Join them for a special screening of the final shortlist and where you get the chance to vote for your winner. The winner last year, Beyond, 'There's Always a Black Issues Dear' went on to win so the bar is set high!

We'll be awarding our winner of the night, and they will go on for the chance to win a package of sound post-production services from Pinewood Studios, valued at £20,000, for their next production.

Hey You 5mins
Dir: Jared Watmuff
When two men arrange a hook-up, is who’s top or bottom all they should be worried about? With the convenience of social media and dating apps, our hard-fought rights and freedoms can be taken for granted but for many others, that fight isn’t over.

The Brother 4mins
Dir: Kai Fiáin
Short surreal comedy. The morning after the night before, Frances finds herself involved in a situation, the kind of situation where you don't ask too many questions.

Violet Vixen 26mins
Dir: Leanne Rogers
A documentary that follows Leo, an 11 year old boy who identifies with female traits and who lives out his true personality through his alter ego Violet Vixen.

Choas Toad 9mins
Dir: Carlos Lopes
Stuck living as a full-time carer for his distant mother Andy receives a surprise intervention from his fabulous childhood imaginary friend.

Invisible Women 25mins
Dir: Alice Smith
The story of the lesbian pioneers who formed the Northern branch of the GLF and put women’s rights on the agenda.

Happy Holidays 3mins
Dir Mdhamiri  Nkemi
To celebrate their anniversary, Gary treats Steve to a surprise caravan holiday.

Time and Again 28mins
Dir Rachel Dax
Former lovers, Eleanor and Isabelle meet again in a residential care home, sixty years after their relationship break up.

Queerer than Thou 3mins
Dir Kate Jessop
Who is the queerest of them all? This queer off will reveal all! Warning: may include vogueing karate.