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Please note: This was screened in July 2019

William McGregor
Maxine Peake, Richard Harrington, Eleanor Worthington-Cox
82 mins, 2018, UK
Primary language
English | Welsh

In the stark rural beauty of 19th Century Snowdonia, a trio of women struggle with a series of mysterious calamities as a growing darkness begins to take a grip of their home…

17-year-old Gwen (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) lives on a small farm in an isolated Welsh community with her troubled mother (Maxine Peake) and younger sister (Jodie Innes). Gwen struggles with her mother’s mysterious illness, her father’s absence, and a ruthless mining company encroaching on their land, not to mention their slaughtered sheep, dying crops and a creepy human shape lurking near their house… it’s not long before the local community turn on the family.

A great, atmospheric debut feature from writer/director William McGregor, Gwen is full of lingering suspense and dread, strong performances (Worthington-Cox is a particular standout), and an enjoyable sense of the macabre.