Inna de Yard
Inna de Yard

Inna de Yard

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Please note: This was screened in Sept 2019

Peter Webber
Kiddus I., Winston McAnuff
99 mins, Subtitled, 2019, France
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Offering profound insights into reggae’s past, present and future, award-winning director Peter Webber (Girl With a Pearl Earring) captures Jamaican reggae icons as they return to the musical, spiritual and political roots of their art, and pass them on to younger generations.

More than 30 years after they hit the world by storm, legendary reggae musicians such as Ken Boothe, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I, Judy Mowatt and Cedric Myton are back to record a collaborative album ahead of a world tour. They re-acquaint, swap stories, and talk about their lives as they rehearse in a studio in the hills above Kingston.

The result is an intimate and soulful expression of Jamaican's musical legacy - described as a kind of Buena Vista Social Club for reggae - as well as the personalities behind it. Inna De Yard captures the ongoing cultural importance and relevance of reggae (and its social values), both in Jamaica and the rest of the world. A true love letter to the music and the country that created it.