The Farewell
The Farewell

The Farewell

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Please note: This was screened in Sept 2019

Lulu Wang
Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin
100 mins, Partially Subtitled, 2019,  USA
Primary language:

Hailed as “one of the year’s sweetest films," this poignant and powerful comedy-drama follows a Chinese American woman who learns that her grandmother is dying and reluctantly goes along with her family’s plan to keep it a secret.

Billi (Awkwafina) returns to China from New York to find that her beloved grandmother has just weeks to live. Although her entire family knows the prognosis, they have decided not to tell their beloved matriarch. As everyone gathers under the guise of an expedited wedding, Billi must navigate a minefield of family expectations but also finds there’s a lot to celebrate: her chance to rediscover the country she left as a child, her grandmother’s wondrous spirit, and the ties that keep on binding even when so much goes unspoken.

A huge Sundance hit, The Farewell is based partly on writer/director Lulu Wang's own experience, and is a heartfelt celebration of how family can unite and strengthen us - often in spite of ourselves.

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