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Making Music Visible With Code - photography by Paul Samuel White

Making Music Visible With Code

Lunchtime Talks at the Pervasive Media Studio


Please note: This event took place in Sept 2019

In this lunchtime talk Pervasive Media Studio Resident Charlie Williams joins us to discuss his latest project, 'The Sea Was Never Blue,' an hour of melodic, dynamic new piano music with bespoke algorithmically-generated live visuals.

The Sea Was Never Blue utilises short films in which each note played on the piano triggers an event on-screen, responding in real time to the give-and-take of the live performance. To create these visualisations, studio resident, composer-pianist and software developer Charlie Williams (Larkhall) uses a modified acoustic piano that streams note-by-note data to his computer as he plays, allowing him to feed the music into algorithms he’s written that transform the musical data into a visual narrative. Each note played creates projected elements— from trees and birds, to abstract shapes and billowing smoke.In this lunchtime talk Charlie will explain his creative and technical development process, and perform excerpts from The Sea Was Never Blue. The Sea Was Never Blue will be performed live by Charlie in Millennium Square 27-28 September in a series of free concerts supported by The Big Screen/ We the Curious, see here for more information.

Charlie Williams is an artist working with electronics, sound, software and video.