They Came to a City

They Came to a City U

Cities, Future Cities, and Film


Wed 16 Oct 10:00

Basil Dearden
John Clements, Googie Withers, Raymond Huntley
78 mins, 1944, UK
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Adapted from a J B Priestley stage play, a group of disparate characters discuss their hopes for an ideal city. A group of people are killed in an air raid, arrive at the gates of a mysterious city, and each describes what kind of place he or she hopes it will turn out to be. Touching on themes of class, socialism and misogyny as well as utopia, the cast includes John Clements, Googie Withers, Raymond Huntley and Renee Gadd with a cameo appearance by Priestley himself.

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Followed by a talk on war-time visions of the future in Britain.