Tehran: City of Love

classified 12A S

Please note: This was screened in Oct 2019

Ali Jaberansari
Forough Ghajabagli, Mehdi Saki, Amir Hessam Bakhtiari
102 mins, Subtitled, 2018, Iran | UK | Netherlands
Primary language

Three unlucky in love Tehran residents make attempts to change their solo status in director Ali Jaberansari's refreshing, original and deadpan tale of the Iranian capital.

Three lonely hearts - an ex-champion bodybuilder past his prime, an ice-cream-loving receptionist and a professional funeral singer with a gloomy manner to match - navigate the chilly waters of romance in this darkly funny and subversively queer take on contemporary Iran. With a little Botox here, a relationship seminar there, and a cheerier colour of suit, maybe this hapless trio can transform themselves and finally get their love requited...

A darkly funny anti-romance that suggests it’s the absurdity of pursuing love, not its triumphs, that really makes us human.