Slapstick 2019

Slapstick 2019


Wed 16 - Sun 20 Jan

Celebrating its 15th year, Bristol’s annual Slapstick Festival offers a chance to see some truly essential comedies from cinema’s silent era selected from archives across the world with world class musical accompaniments.

Upcoming screenings & events in this season

Chaplin: A King In New York  U   Slapstick 2019

Chaplin: A King In New York
Wed 16 Jan 10:50
We’re opening the 15th edition of the Slapstick Festival with… a talkie! Charlie Chaplin’s take on 1950s America, A King in New York stars Chaplin as a peaceable king who runs afoul of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Keaton: Battling Butler  U   Slapstick 2019

Keaton:Battling Butler
Wed 16 Jan 13:30
Buster Keaton found rich possibilities for physical comedy in this tale of a wealthy milquetoast who is forced, through a series of outlandish coincidences and misunderstandings, to train as a boxer.

Holy Smoke! Religion & Comedy  U   Slapstick 2019

Holy Smoke! Religion & Comedy
Wed 16 Jan 16:00
Following a screening of Chaplin’s The Pilgrim (1923) comedians Robin Ince and Lucy Porter and The Rev. Emma Langley, Vicar of Westbury Park will join Andrew Kelly, Director of Bristol Festival of Ideas to explore whether ‘being funny’ is justification for mocking religion, or if there are some things comedy should not touch.

For Heaven's Sake! Slapstick at the Cathedral Slapstick 2019

For Heaven's Sake! Slapstick at the Cathedral
Wed 16 Jan 19:30
Join us for an evening of unadulterated cinematic joy. Sit back in the grandeur of Bristol Cathedral and enjoy three classic silent comedies on the big screen accompanied by live music.

Rediscovering Alice Howell  12A   Slapstick 2019

Rediscovering Alice Howell
Thu 17 Jan 09:30
Join standup comedian and writer Lucy Porter as she introduces a selection of the funniest, newly restored, comedy shorts as she champions the rarely seen, yet prolific, comedy performer - Alice Howell

Mary Pickford: Little Annie Roonie  12A   Slapstick 2019

Mary Pickford: Little Annie Roonie
Thu 17 Jan 11:30
Academy Award winner Mary Pickford plays a tomboy of the tenements facing a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves is accused of shooting her policeman father in this classic comedy drama.

On the Trail of Cunégonde  12A   Slapstick 2019

On the Trail of Cunégonde
Thu 17 Jan 14:00
Discover this extraordinary story about a mysterious woman who was internationally acclaimed in her time for her role in a string of comedies featuring a main character called Cunégonde, but then lost for more than a century.

Robin Ince: I'm a Joke And So Are You (Part 2) Slapstick 2019

Robin Ince: I'm a Joke And So Are You (Part 2)
Thu 17 Jan 16:30
A celebration of comedy and its ability to connect people via foolishness and silly voices, join Robin as he attempts to examine the human condition through the prism of humour.

Les Deux Timides  12A   Slapstick 2019

Les Deux Timides (1928)
Thu 17 Jan 18:30
This bold comedy of shy lovers is René Clair’s silent masterpiece, folding the avant-garde and the comic into a delightful, expertly judged tale of provincial romance and misapprehension.

Happiness  12A   Slapstick 2019

Happiness (1934)
Thu 17 Jan 20:45
In this Russian comedy-drama a hapless loser (with the surname of Loser) undergoes a series of misadventures with avaricious clergy, a tired horse, and a stolen granary (among other things) on his road toward collectivised happiness.

Sydney, the Other Chaplin  12A   Slapstick 2019

Sydney, the Other Chaplin (2017)
Fri 18 Jan 09:30
Would Charlie Chaplin have ever reached his heights of success if it weren't for his big brother, Sydney? An improbable character inhabiting the shadows with a fiction-like destiny, Sydney’s chequered life and role behind the scenes of the most recognised comic character in the world, is explored in this new documentary.

Honest Hutch  12A   Slapstick 2019

Honest Hutch (1920)
Fri 18 Jan 11:30
One of the most popular figures in the United States of the 1930s, Will Rogers stars as a lazy good for nothing patriarch of his long-suffering family in this rare silent comedy western.

A Celebration of Steamboat Bill, Jr.  U   Slapstick 2019

Neil Brand Presents Buster Keaton
Fri 18 Jan 12:50
Peter Krämer, the author of the BFI Film Classics volume on Buster Keaton’s The General, makes a welcome return to Slapstick Festival to discuss one of Buster’s most accomplished works - Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Stan  12A   Slapstick 2019

Fri 18 Jan 14:00
To accompany the release of Stan & Ollie, a new biopic on the world's greatest comedy duo, we’re revisiting the celebrated 2006 BBC drama about the pair from silent film maestro and writer Neil Brand.

Lost and Found  12A   Slapstick 2019

Lost and Found
Fri 18 Jan 16:30
Join film collector Anthony Saffrey and film historian David Robinson for this selection of rare and unseen silent comedy gems.

Early Slapstick Animation  PG   Slapstick 2019

Early Mickey
Sat 19 Jan 09:30
In this event, Peter Lord, co-founder of Aardman, will present some unusual gems from the early, magical days of animation – featuring a cast of cats, rabbits, and of course one very famous mouse.

Young Slapstick: Meet Charlie!  U   Slapstick 2019

Chaplin's The Kid: The Inside Story
Sat 19 Jan 11:30
Families and kids are invited to join film historian and Chaplin biographer David Robinson as he introduces the man with a funny walk, Charlie Chaplin, in this fun afternoon of chat and films, specially designed for under 12s. Delight as you discover why, a century on, Chaplin is still funny to audiences both old and young alike.

Forgotten Heroes of Slapstick Comedy  12A   Slapstick 2019

Lost Heroes of Comedy
Sun 20 Jan 09:30
Forgotten comedy stars from the silent days of Hollywood to the comedy club boom come under the spotlight in this affectionate tribute by comedy historian Robert Ross.