Film still from Queen Of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds

Posted on Fri 1 July by Tara Judah

Beautifully restored and screening as part of Cinema Rediscovered 2022, Tara Judah explains how Queen of Diamonds is a fiercely feminist, strange and spicy fatally femme odyssey ready to be rediscovered.

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Woman seated outside painting at a table.
Posted on Tue 28 June by Zoe Rasbash
Introducing the Creative Climate Action Toolkit designed specifically to support smaller businesses, organisations, collectives and freelancers to act on climate.
Watershed's 40th birthday colourful logo with dates - 1982 - 2022
Article by Clare Reddington
Today we are celebrating Watershed's 40th birthday - four decades of bringing people together on Bristol's harbourside. 
Still from The Omen, part of Filmic 22
Posted on Thu 19 May by Sean Wilson
As part of his season curating the history of the film soundtrack, Bristol-based journalist Sean Wilson talks more about his relationship with film music. With his new book, The Sound of Cinema, due for release in May, Sean explores the medium’s evolution and its extraordinary ability to encapsulate and encode all manner of complex, intangible emotions.

 Watershed 40 - a year of togetherness 

Posted on Wed 18 May

How Watershed is marking 40 years since it opened its doors as the UK's first Media Centre.

 Our toilets are for everyone – so what is the problem?  

Posted on Fri 29 April by Clare Reddington

Our CEO Clare Reddington updates on our toilet refurbishment plans and some of the feedback we have received

 14 years of the Pervasive Media Studio 

Posted on Mon 14 Feb by Jo Lansdowne

Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio is 14 on 14 Feb. In this article, Executive Producer Jo Lansdowne takes a look back at what has changed since 2008, how the Studio works, and what we're thinking about for the future.

 Watershed 40 

Posted on Thu 13 Jan by Clare Reddington

Watershed celebrates its 40th birthday in 2022 with a programme of events, workshops and celebrations that reflect on the last four decades and looks ahead to the next four.

 Conversations About Cinema: Thought in Action 2022 

Posted on Thu 6 Jan

Starting with Titane, we continue our partnership with UWE Philosophy and Politics on a series of screenings and discussions that brings together a multi-disciplinary team of philosophers, political theorists, and cinema curators to explore some of the most exciting and challenging ideas in contemporary cinema. Francesco Tava, Associate Professor in Philosophy at UWE, Emma Brännlund, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, and Miguel Prado Casanova, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, write more about the first film in the new season.

 Inclusion guided by Principles  

Posted on Tue 7 Dec 2021 by Jazlyn Pinckney

Former Watershed Inclusion Producer*, Jazlyn Pinckney reflects on the importance of creating shared principles when working collaboratively on data led inclusion.

 Collecting Inclusion Data: Watershed's Approach to Balance and Belonging 

Posted on Tue 7 Dec 2021 by Layla Barron

Layla Barron, Watershed's Head of Data and Operations talks about the move from diversity and demographics to balanced teams.

 130 Years of Deaf People and the Moving Image: Coming Full Circle  

Posted on Mon 29 Nov 2021 by William Mager

Bristol-based writer-director William Mager explores the significant relationship between silent cinemas’ filmmakers and stars with deaf audiences, citing personal experience and over a century of history.

 Loony Tunes: Bad Luck Banging and a New Europe 

Posted on Mon 22 Nov 2021 by Fedor Tot

In advance of the release of Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn (out on Fri 26 Nov), film critic and editor Fedor Tot looks at the film through the lens of post-Communist Romania.

 New Frontiers: Re-Imagining the West 

Posted on Wed 10 Nov 2021 by Lola McKinnon

Lola Mckinnon takes a closer look at the complex history of the Western, and its re-imagining through the eyes of female directors..

 Towards Recovery - what's next at Watershed? 

Posted on Mon 4 Oct 2021 by Louise Gardner

An update from Watershed on the next set of steps we are taking to rebuild our organisation and also to ask you to let us know what you are thinking and tell us how you are doing.