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 Thought In Action: The Two Popes 

Posted on Thu 5 Dec 2019

In the third instalment of Thought In Action, UWE's Suwita Hani Randhawa and a selection of panellists discuss the themes raised in Fernando Meirelles’ film ‘The Two Popes’. UWE BA philosophy student Georgia Harrison shares her thoughts on the captivating film which centres on ‘the two popes’ Benedict XVI and Francis and their relationship with their faith.

 Facing Australian History 

Posted on Thu 28 Nov 2019 by Tara Judah

Jennifer Kent's The Nightingale was marked by controversy in the press but the film is only as violent as the history it tells. Framing faces, Kent confronts the viewer with a powerful and philosophical contemplation of responsibility and culpability in the face of humanity.

 Bristol 2009/Bristol 2019: celebrating 10 years of Duncan Speakman’s As If It Were The Last Time 

Posted on Wed 27 Nov 2019

Ten years since its Bristol premiere, Pervasive Media Studio resident and artist Duncan Speakman is bringing his subtlemob As If It Were The Last Time back to the place where it all began – in a 2019 that is not so different from 2009…

 Thought In Action: Monos 

Posted on Thu 14 Nov 2019

In the second instalment of ‘Thought in Action’, panel host Francesco Tava was joined by University of Bristol Lecturer in Hispanic Media and Digital Communications Rachel Randall and UWE Senior Film Lecturer Humberto Perez-Blanco in a post screening discussion of the film’s core themes. UWE BA Philosophy student Georgia Harrison writes her response to the discussion around Alejandro Landes’ surreal and striking film on identity politics in relation to the realities of youth guerrilla warfare.

 Watershed Gin is here! 

Posted on Wed 13 Nov 2019

After several years of showcasing the best in South West gins, we are delighted to announce the launch of our very own locally-produced gin.

 “We Are Here, We Are Queer, and We’re Not Going Anywhere!”: The Importance of LGBT+ Narratives on Screen 

Posted on Fri 1 Nov 2019 by Julia Ray

UWE MA Curating student Julia Ray, reflects on her season We Are Here, a celebration and exploration of queer spaces in cinema.

 "If you scream at just the right time, it might just save your life." 

Posted on Wed 9 Oct 2019 by Simon Ball

Ahead of our 60th anniversary Halloween screening of classic 50's frightener The Tingler our Front of House Duty Manager and B Movie aficionado Simon Ball looks back at the career of director William Castle - the undisputed king of cinema gimmickry.

 Weimar Sundays 

Posted on Fri 4 Oct 2019 by James Harrison

James Harrison, co-director of South West Silents and co-curator at Cinema Rediscovered, discusses the rationale behind the Weimar Sundays season throughout October 2019.

 Thought in Action: Conversations About Cinema  

Posted on Tue 1 Oct 2019

Conversations About Cinema returns this year with Thought In Action. The strand presented in partnership with the UWE Philosophy and Politics departments provides an opportunity for audiences to engage in deeper conversation about issues and ideas arising from films in our programme.

 Once Upon A Time in…Watershed 

Posted on Wed 31 July 2019 by Mark Cosgrove

Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator at Watershed, pre-empts the “why are you not showing...” question with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and explains the rationale for not showing Quentin Tarantino’s new film.

 “Like a child, I have to poke at what’s forbidden” Violence and Consumerism in Isabella Eklöf’s Holiday 

Posted on Wed 31 July 2019 by Thea Berry

Isabella Eklöf’s directorial debut caused more than a stir on the festival circuit in 2018 due to the frank portrayals of violence. Rather than being viewed as gratuitous - a word so often associated with on-screen violence - Eklöf is demanding the audience connect with what they already know but choose to ignore, writes Watershed Cinema Producer, Thea Berry.