Andy Nicholson on Production Design

Beginning his studies and working life as an architect, Nicholson learnt the basic skills of working in an art department - technical drawing, model-making and working with a construction department. When he became frustrated with the length of time needed for each architectural job, he began to look around for a new career.

In this BAFTA Crew masterclass event, Nicholson discusses his path into the industry, from draughtsman to production designer, as well as his long-standing collaboration with director Tim Burton.

Andy Nicholson has worked on films as varied as Sleepy Hollow, Muppet Treasure Island and Sexy Beast. His most famed collaboration was with Alfonso Cuaron on 2013's 3D hit Gravity, for which he received Oscar, BAFTA and Art Directors Guild nominations for Production Design.

Continually pushing the use of 3D modeling and CAD software within Film Art Departments, Andy actively seeks to assimilate digital technology with traditional work-flows and methods. This event includes clips of his work and analysis of the methods used.

This event was presented in partnership with BAFTA and Creative England.

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Posted on Sat 31 May 2014.