AntiVJ Showcase

Pervasive Media Studio residents AntiVJ combine powerful video projectors with bespoke digital mapping techniques and holographic illusions to create a truly unique visual experience that has to be seen to be believed.

This showcase event in September 2009 presented AntiVJ’s most recent projects and included a conversation between AntiVJ artist Joanie Lemercier, Mark Cosgrove, Watershed’s Head of Programme and Phil Stenton, Pervasive Media Studio's Research Director.

In this film, AntiVJ’s talk about their developmental journey from roots in VJ club culture through relatively uncharted technical waters, to their current interests around narrative and the technical and creative challenges inherent in their work.  

AntiVJ have presented their groundbreaking projected installations on unconventional surfaces and objects; in a cathedral in Holland, on a futuristic building in Korea and on a tanker ship in Canada. Alongside these large scale works AntiVJ are also engaged in dedicated research. In order to project images on to a 3D object, such as a building, they have developed their own mapping software.

Thanks to a grant from the Technology Strategy Board AntiVJ have developed affordable prototype tools to enable the production and projection of stereoscopic projections on to flat surfaces, which give the viewer an illusion of depth and therefore a three dimensional display. The applications for this technology have significant potential, from gaming and live performance, advertising, architectural visualisations and medical simulations.

This talk offers a compelling insight into why AntiVJ are at the forefront of a boundary-crossing new art form.

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Posted on Sat 10 Oct 2009.