Watershed Cinema Podcast February 2024

Posted on Thu 1 Feb

That's the power of cinema! In this episode Cinema Steph and Stef from Comms discuss The Iron Claw, Pirates 4D and the gays upon the heath.

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A look forward to the cinematic month ahead at Watershed, the upcoming Japan Foundation Touring Programme and Reflections and Refractions: Gender on Screen.

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December 2022 Cinema Podcast
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Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Cinema Curator, and guests reflect on a strange year for cinema and look back at the standout films and events of the year.

November 2022 Cinema Podcast
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This month our Cinema Curator explores all things Arcadia and beyond with musician / sonic explorer Adrian Utley and UWE MA Curation placement Steph Read.

October 2022 Cinema Podcast
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This month Mark speaks with Andrew Kelly, Director of Bristol Ideas from 1993 - 2022, about the season he curated for Watershed this month as well as the new adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front.

September 2022 Cinema Podcast
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This month Mark speaks with Professor Andrew Spicer about his book; Sean Connery: Acting, Stardom and National Identity, and the upcoming season at Watershed, Sean Connery: Beyond Bond.

August 2022 Cinema Podcast
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This month Mark discusses The Films of Kinuyo Tanaka a season coming to Watershed in August with curator Dr Rayna Denison, Professor of Film at Bristol University and leading expert in Japanese cinema.

July 2022 Cinema Podcast
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Mark Cosgrove and guest co-host interview the curators behind this years Cinema Rediscovered festival, held across Bristol in July. With to interviews with Pamela Hutchinson and Mark Cosgrove on the strands they curated for this years Cinema Rediscovered.

June 2022 Cinema Podcast
Length: 46m 18s

Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Cinema Curator, takes a deep dive into film soundtracks throughout history and the films selected for Filmic, with this season’s curator Sean Wilson, Bristol based film journalist and writer.