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Ghostwatch: My Urban Home

In a quiet school playground in Bristol's Barton Hill, something strange is afoot. Many years ago, an old swimming pool was demolished and the school now stands in its place. After the lessons have ended, and all the children and teachers disperse and head homewards, the hustle and bustle of the day eventually gives way to stillness and silence. It is in these moments that strange things begin to happen. The local cats and dogs will not set foot on the playground - not a single bird can be found in the bushes or trees. All is eerily still and calm as darkness descends on the school grounds, and it is around this time that a hooded presence has been seen emerging from the shadows...

Over the years there have been rumours circulating the area about this mysterious stranger - many believe it is the ghost of Barton Hill. Clad in green, locals report that this shadowy hooded figure roams the school grounds, and is rumoured to have been a swimmer who disappeared when the pool was demolished all those years ago...

Inspired by the stories, the brave children of Barton Hill launched a ghostwatch to try and get to the bottom of this mysterious apparition. Ghostwatch takes them on a mission around Barton Hill; from the playground to the cemetery and even down to the riverside. You can follow their adventure here, but dont worry: the Ghost of Barton Hill is quite friendly really...

Watershed worked with Bristol City Council to engage businesses, residents, and people travelling through Bristol Temple Quarter and the surrounding neighbourhoods in projects that delivered creative digital representation of the area. This film is the result of a partnership between Watershed and Barton Hill based Travelling Light Theatre company, who brought together a group of eight (8 – 11 year olds) to tell their story of the neighborhood. The workshop aimed to develop their digital skills and encourage them to explore the area of Barton Hill. The result of the workshop was Ghostwatch: My Urban Home – a spooky tale about the sprit of Barton Hill.

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Posted on Thu 16 Feb 2012.

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