Listen to the Sun: Panel discussion

Science is behind everything that happens on earth, yet we rarely stop and consider the role it plays in our everyday lives. Scientists have championed many methods for communicating science, but recently Watershed have noted a trend in artists and scientists collaborating to achieve these ends.

The lines inevitably become blurred. Are you just visualising data? At what point does a scientist take on the role of artist? Does it even matter? This expert panel discuss these questions and many more proposed by the audience.

Helen White was in residence at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio between January and April 2013 researching and developing an artwork around solar-wind data. The Solar-Wind Chime came out of this research, and Helen presents a prototype of the piece at this event.

David Glowacki is a founding creator of danceroom Spectroscopy, an immersive artwork based on the behaviours of atoms.

Michael Johnson, founder of, co-created the first 200 crowd-funded spacecraft that individuals could afford to buy, launch and operate with little or no technical expertise.

John Durrant chairs the discussion, he is Creative Director of BDH, and worked with Helen in her initial investigations into visualising, rather than sonifying, the solar-wind data.



Posted on Thu 18 April 2013.