Mark Cousins: The Story of Film

The Story of Film is a 15 hour long epic chronicling a worldwide history of cinema. Hailed as the cinematic event of 2012 by the Telegraph, The Story of Film is a worldwide guided tour of the greatest movies ever made telling the story of the art form through the history of cinematic innovation. "It is at once a love letter to cinema, an unmissable masterclass, and a radical rewriting of movie history" and has become one of the most anticipated experiences at festivals worldwide.

Following a screening of a 70 minute cut of the documentary, director Mark Cousins answered audience questions and was interviewed by Mark Cosgrove, Watershed’s Head of Programme, discussing his approach to making the film, the richness of world cinema, and his experiences of interviewing filmmaking luminaries such as Brian De Palma and Roman Polanski.

Mark Cousins is a director, presenter, and film critic. Mark has directed and presented a number of features, and has also co-created a number of film festivals with Oscar-winning actor/director Tilda Swinton, including a travelling independent film festival wherein a portable cinema was mounted on a large truck, and hauled manually through the Scottish Highlands.

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Posted on Sun 22 April 2012.