Norma Herrmann on 'Benny'

Norma Herrmann is the widow of composer Bernard Herrmann, and was married to him from 1967 to his death in 1975.

Norma met Bernard on New years eve of 1966, when the rush of revellers and party-goers all needing transport home meant that they ended up having to share a taxi. Bernard paid Norma one of his infamously barbed compliments, informing her ‘oh well, you are a bit thin - I think I ought to buy you some lunch tomorrow’, and the rest is history.

In this interview, Norma discusses Herrmann the man, husband, and friend, and details his relationships with contemporaries Orson Welles, Francois Truffaut, Brian De Palma, Larry Cohen, John Williams, and sheds light on his infamous fallout with long-time friend and collaborator, Alfred Hitchcock.

Herrmann would have been delighted, though perhaps not surprised, at the growing amount of attention attracted by his music in recent years. There has been interest from a whole new generation who were not even born during his lifetime.
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With thanks to Tim Popple of The 24th Frame for conducting the interview.

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Posted on Mon 23 Oct 2017.