Paddy Considine Interview

One of Watershed’s most popular interviews is this discussion with the leading British actor and filmmaker Paddy Considine.

Paddy visited Watershed in 2008 to appear at Encounters Short Film Festival for a celebration of his already distinctive and award-winning contribution to cinema. On stage with author Richard T. Kelly, he gives a lively and honest account of his career – from his approach and philosophy towards acting, his experience working with directors including close friend Shane Meadows, to how events in his life have shaped his career choices and performances.

Clips from A Room for Romeo Brass, Last Resort, Dead Man’s Shoes, 24 Hour Party People, My Summer of Love and Hot Fuzz are featured and discussed in this funny, colourful, and, quite frequently, touchingly sincere conversation with one of Britain’s leading talents.

Paddy also gave an interview to our team from eShed, a network for young people aged 14-21 who love film and media. You can see the eShedders interview Paddy on youtube.

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Posted on Fri 21 Nov 2008.