Philip French Annual Memorial Lecture 2017: Mark Kermode

The Philip French Annual Memorial Lecture offers a chance for a key figure in the film world to reflect on the qualities French stood for, to examine current developments in film culture and the role of film critics today.

2017's lecture was given by writer and broadcaster Mark Kermode, a long-time admirer of French's film writing and who had the exciting and daunting task of stepping into French’s shoes as lead film critic for The Observer in 2013.

Mark said: "Philip’s noble, erudite writing elevated film criticism to the level of art. His judgement was acute but always generous, his prose beautiful, his knowledge breathtaking. He was an inspiration to an entire generation of film critics, and was always wonderfully supportive of his colleagues; encouraging, wise and kind. He is irreplaceable.

In partnership with Bristol Festival of Ideas and the Observer.

Posted on Mon 4 Sept 2017.