Tey: Director's Q&A

Tey is a modern fairy-tale and a poetic, existential journey in which French-Senegalese director Alain Gomis explores the streets of a Senegalese city through the eyes of a young man, Satché, who is doomed to death.

The film depicts the last day of Satché's life - even though he's strong and healthy, he is suddenly made aware he will die, but he has time to walk there. He bids farewell to his parents, his first love, the friends of his youth, his wife and children. As he wanders the streets of his hometown, Satché reminisces about his friends and family, reflecting on the choices he has made and their consequences.

Hip-hop artist and spoken-word poet Saul Williams (SLAM) is a revelation as the lead character, bringing each frame to life with a quiet intensity. A magical yet realist twist on the theme of the immigrant's return home, this sad and vivid meditation is at once vibrant, cool and life-affirming. Tey is a joyous, impressionistic celebration of life and death.

In this post-screening Q&A Ingrid Sinclair, Director of Afrika Eye, speaks to Alain Gomis about directing the film, what cinema represents to him, and celebrating the present moment. To Gomis the film is not about death, it is about enjoying life.

This event was presented as part of Afrika Eye Festival 2013, which is hosted by Watershed in partnership with Bristol City Council, Bristol Libraries, African Voices Forum, Awards for All, BCFM, Plantation Restaurant, Arts Council of England, Bristol Business News, WOMAD Foundation, and UWE's Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education.

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Posted on Sun 10 Nov 2013.