The Shining: Immersive Event

On Friday 29th of November 2013, Watershed customers became guests at Stephen King's Overlook Hotel for a special interactive screening of the newly-restored thriller The Shining, widely considered to be the most terrifying film of all time. This short film documents the one-off three hour event, which attracted a sell-out audience.

Immersive and interactive screenings add to the magic of the big screen by bringing characters and scenes out of a film to life. For this event, Watershed's young Future Producers worked with staff, volunteers and Bristol-based Compass Presents to transform the café-bar and unsettle and unnerve cinema-goers with a paper-strewn Colorado Lounge, a fortune-teller, a cast of hotel staff, and the mysterious Twins. The blood-filled elevator however, had to be left to Stanley Kubrick's on-screen masterpiece.

Future Producers is Watershed's talent development programme for 18-25 year olds, and participants took on the British Film Institute's challenge to re-launch this 1980 classic. This new digital transfer is 24 minutes longer than the original UK release and The Shining is one of 150 films restored and re-released as part of the BFI Gothic season.

Through the Future Producers programme, young people have worked with Watershed to produce a wide range of public events and workshops. Watershed is continuing to work with young people to produce more high quality cultural events.

As part of BFI Gothic, Watershed also held a special gothic installment of our 'What's The Score' composition workshops. A group of 18-25 year old musicians composed a haunting new soundtrack for The Mistletoe Bough, recently restored from the BFI National Archive. You can watch the film along with its new score here.

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Posted on Fri 29 Nov 2013.