Theeb Director's Intro and Q&A

Theeb by director Naji Abu Nowar is an epic adventure tale that plays like a combination of classic American Westerns and WWI dramas. Set in the Arabian Desert in 1916 – a time of historical change and turmoil. Young Bedouin brothers Hussein and Theeb find their lives interrupted with the arrival of a British Army officer on a mysterious mission.

We were delighted to welcome Director Naji to introduce the film and participate in a post-screening discussion about his work with Watershed's Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove. In this recording of the event, Naji talks about his background rooted in both the UK and Jordan, where the film was shot, and his pathway to winning the Venice International Film Festival's Best Director Award in their Horizons strand in 2014.

The making of Theeb was a wholeheartedly collaborative process and Naji worked with the Bedouin community throughout its making. In his eyes they are more than the subject or the stars of the film, they are its co-authors.

Hear more about the production process, what its like to live and film in Jordan, and what's next for the actors, collaborators and himself, in this recording.

Presented in partnership with Afrika Eye Festival

Posted on Tue 18 Aug 2015.