Total Permission Q&A

An underwater wheelchair, a bipolar circus, a symphony of sirens, a ten metre tall inflatable…here are artists with the imagination to change the way we all think – the work is extraordinary yet the creators are not ‘Superhumans’, simply artists like any other, who are rarely given the attitude and attention of their non-disabled peers.

Total Permission is a documentary which follows conductor Charles Hazlewood, founder of the British Paraorchestra, as he encounters the artistry within 12 of the Unlimited Commissions, a strand of the London 2012 Festival that encourages deaf and disabled artists to take risks to create work that is not just unlimited but exceptional.

Featuring artists Sue Austin, Bobby Baker, Caroline Bowditch, Laurence Clark, Jez Colborne, Claire Cunningham, Rachel Gadsden, Graeae, Simon Mckeown, Ramesh Meyyappan, Janice Parker and Stumble danceCircus, the documentary explores their groundbreaking visions and work.

In the aftermath of the 2012 Paralympic Games, when disabled people were in the spotlight like never before, the artists featured in Total Permission question perceptions and explore difference. They asked questions like; how do you change people’s perspective of an NHS wheelchair? What makes a disabled person ‘inspirational’? And how do we give people total permission to watch a person performing their very own piece of movement?

You can watch Total Permission in its entirety on the The Space site.

In this event recording, which followed the theatrical premiere of Total Permission, director John Durrant, co-curator of Push Me Sarah Pickthall, and BBC Arts Executive Michael Poole discuss the work created by the artists featured in Total Permission, and what it was like to work with them throughout the Unlimited Commissions and filming of the documentary. Introduced by Watershed Managing Director and Executive Producer of Total Permission, Dick Penny.

The artists were commissioned by the Unlimited programme as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. See them on the journey to the Unlimited Festival in two series of 90 second short films; the Push Me Collection and the Push Me Collection: The Journey.

For more information on the artists go to Push Me Please.

Posted on Mon 3 Dec 2012.