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Blossom Bristol

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Mobile Pie were commissioned as part of the 2010 scheme to develop ‘Blossom Bristol’, a mobile phone-based game that encourages people to engage with environmental data by planting virtual crops. The air quality, water quality, weather, and temperature of various locations across the city all affect the outcome of the game.

Sep - Dec 2010

Duration: 3mins 36secs

Mobile Pie were commissioned as part of the 2010 Media Sandbox scheme to develop ‘Blossom Bristol’, a mobile-based game that allows users to plant virtual crops in any location in Bristol.

The success or failure of these virtual crops is dependent upon environmental factors, such as the air quality, water quality, weather, and temperature of the location they were planted in. Virtual crops fail in poor weather where pollution is high, but thrive where water is good and the sun shines. By offering rewards and credits when players choose to shop locally or at a farmers market, the game is also capable of real-life interaction.

Blossom Bristol was developed using Open Data released as part of Bristol City Council and Connecting Bristol's B-Open initiative. The aim of the project was to use location-tied, live and historic real world data with portable gaming platforms to create an explorable virtual world. The project also sought to encourage people to engage with data through play, and illuminate the relationship between information and the real, physical effects our actions have on the environment.

Mobile Pie are an award-winning company who develop and research imaginative entertainment for mobile platforms. Based in central Bristol, they have received various accolades for the quality of their content and dedication to cutting edge research in Location Based Services (LBS) and Augmented Reality technology (AR). Their awards include Channel 4’s 'New Mobile Game Developer of the Year and the Media Innovation Awards’ Trophy 2008.

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