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Hills Are Evil

Video Details

'Hills are Evil' is a user-friendly map overlay e.g. for use in Google Maps. This will enable people to avoid obstacles like cobbles and hills and is good news for wheelchair users, skaters, people with pushchairs, and high-heel wearers alike.

Sep - Dec 2010

Duration: 4mins 26secs

Overlay Media are a Bristol-based mobile media company who develop context-aware mobile phone applications, and in 2010 they were commissioned by Media Sandbox for their project, 'Hills are Evil'. The commission enabled the group to use pervasive media technology and digital tools to develop their project, and also gave them open access to key data from the Bristol City Council about life in the city.

The team have used these resources to explore how digital tools can be employed to help people with restricted mobility find the best and easiest route between two places. The software produced by the group is a user-friendly map overlay that enables people with restricted mobility to find the best route for their situation. Incorporating gradient and surface data, the map enables users to avoid obstacles like cobbles and hills, and tailors the suitability of a route based on the needs of the individual. Wheelchair users, skaters, people with pushchairs and wearers of high-heels could all potentially benefit from this software.

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