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I heart My City

Video Details

Delib were commissioned by Media Sandbox for ‘I Heart My City’, an online map created from open source data which shows how Bristol city council distribute funds, and the impact this has on quality of life. The project aimed to reveal the good work conducted by the council in a personal, localised way.

Sep - Dec 2010

Duration: 4mins 43secs

I Heart My City was commissioned in order to inform, provoke, and transform the public’s understanding of council spending, using open data from the council to chart quality of life at a hyper-local level

The objective of I Heart My City is to make data relevant and accessible to the people of Bristol by using it to tell a story that is both positive and engaging. The team used a selected set of ‘Happiness Performance Indicators’ (HPIs) representing spending areas such as parks, greening initiatives, child care, sanitation, maintenance, etc. The aim of the map-based visualisation is to translate the data into a format that could be navigated easily, communicate the information clearly and concisely to a wide range of users, and create a model that would be easy to repeat for other organisations.

Delib are an award-winning digital democracy company comprising of designers, technical specialists, project managers and expert consultants, who help government agencies use technology to connect the wider public with decision making. They develop mobile phone applications which act as an interface between government and citizens. The applications help government agencies make more democratic decisions by using low cost, user-friendly technology to collect up-to-date feedback from the public. Some of their clients include Obama’s team, who used the Dialogue App to run their first OpenGov crowd-sourcing project in 2009.

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