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Light Graffiti Workshops

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In a series of workshops members of the public and Watershed staff ‘painted with light’ to investigate the spaces in and around Watershed. This documentary shows some of the images made and talks to the participants and artist/ researcher Tine Bech about the process and outcomes of this “playful enquiry”.

Mar 2010

Duration: 5mins 9secs

Painting with light

The Light Graffiti workshops investigated the public space outside Watershed through drawing with light and are part of Tine Bech’s PhD research in which she explores play and interactive installations in unexpected spaces. She often involves the public in her work and uses consultative and playful methods.

Watershed worked with Tine towards the installation of an interactive artwork, and these workshop were the first step in researching people's thoughts and feelings in relation to the public space in front of the Watershed. The images created in these workshops can be viewed at www.tracinglight.co.uk.

Tine Bech is a Visual Artist who works with interactive installations and public art. Her practice is concerned with creating spaces for play and possibilities. The work is intentionally accessible through the use of location and materials and often ‘hums and reacts with a playful anthropomorphic life that is liable to take you by surprise’.

Tine is based in the University of the West of England’s Digital Cultures Research Centre at the Pervasive Media Studio. Tine’s work has been exhibited in Scandinavia, Europe, Russia and the USA, in venues including Aarhus Kunstbygning (Centre for Contemporary Art, DK), The Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art (USA), L Gallery (Moscow) and Bankside Gallery and The Royal British Sculptors Gallery (UK).

Light Graffiti Workshops were a partnership between Tine Bech, University of West of England’s Digital Cultures Research Centre and Watershed.

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