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Operation Sonic Boom

Video Details

Mutant labs were commissioned by Media Sandbox in 2010 for ‘Voice Controlled Games’, a digital framework enabling developers to create voice controlled computer games by using voices or other sounds as a control mechanism.

Sep - Dec 2010

Duration: 4mins 30secs

Mutant Labs were commissioned by Media Sandbox in 2010 under the 'Pervasive Experiences' strand for their project ‘Voice Controlled Games’. The project explored the potential of the voice to enable new interactive experiences for causal gamers and those with additional learning needs.

Experimenting with the use of sound as a control method, the team developed a set of tools to analyse and evaluate sound input, thereby allowing other developers to create voice controlled games more easily. By designing a library of functions and control methods that other developers can use, the project aimed to open up the market on voice controlled games.

Mutant Labs are a Plymouth-based media company specialising in Flash Games and iPhone development, who also produce websites and online applications. The team of five graduated from the Digital Art and Technology course at Plymouth University, and were granted a Media Sandbox commission in 2010, just one year after starting their company. They have created an interactive game for the Channel Five program, ‘The Gadget Show’, and are responsible for the video streaming platform for the Plymouth-based online young people’s talent channel, Chew TV.

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