Enjoying the Watershed Experience

Posted on Mon 28 Feb 2011

If you're one of our regular visitors you will have been enjoying the Watershed experience with an increasingly diverse range of people. We're an open and diverse venue with a broad artistic programme that engages with cultures both locally and globally - everyone is welcome and we're proud to see you all come through our doors or visit us online. We'd like to maintain the high quality of experience at Watershed for everyone and to achieve this we need your help.

Thinking About the Future

Posted on Tue 1 Feb 2011

Bristol's international reputation as a creative, innovative, unorthodox city is growing and this helps Watershed to connect more widely with all our audiences, artists and partners.

Sunday Brunch Deadpan Comedy Classics

Posted on Mon 24 Jan 2011

Flexible Cinema Programme

Posted on Wed 18 Aug 2010

We just wanted to let you know that we have changed the way we book films. Unlike most cinemas we have always booked the programme in advance and published fixed dates for each film. The benefit was that you could look over the whole month and see what was on. The downside was that if a film was well received we couldn't keep it playing and if something last minute happened (eg. a director wanted to come and talk about the film) it would create havoc with our rigid scheduling.