DJ Cheeba live events announced

Posted on Mon 3 Nov 2014

We're thrilled to reveal that Bristol’s own audio visual pioneer DJ Cheeba will perform a live one-off re-score to Ed Wood’s sci-fi classic Plan 9 From Outer Space on Fri 21 Nov here at Watershed.

Part of the BFI’s Sci Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder, this late night session will see Cheeba twist what is already an incredibly bizarre film into something more modern and cutting edge using multiple turntables, midi controllers, iPad based soft synths and other sound sources to mix hip hop, electronica and leftfield beats with atmospherics and FX.

Plan 9 From Outer Space is considered by many to be "the worst film of all time” providing endless entertainment thanks to its crude special effects, terrible acting, nonsensical dialogue and wobbly sets. However, it’s a much-loved cult favourite and 55 years after the original film was released, Cheeba will take on the challenge to create something all together fresher, adding a new era to Ed Wood Jr's classic.

Cheeba said:

“I first became aware of Plan 9 From Outer Space after buying the soundtrack on vinyl 15 years ago. It had the great opening speech 'Criswell Predicts' that was famously sampled by Coldcut for their JDJ mix as well as so many great bits of dialogue and music. After hearing the soundtrack, I found the film itself and fell in love with the crazy nature of the production, script and acting. It unintentionally delivers on a comedy level as well as being thoroughly entertaining through its unhinged narrative and insanely bizarre premise.

“Doing a live remixed score to the film at Watershed is a dream come true and I'll be bringing a hugely extended turntable-based set up to really do it justice and present a remixed and re-imagined score that adds a modern electronic twist.”

This event  is part of a series of late nights which has been curated DJ Cheeba to look, listen and (most likely) dance to some of the most iconic sci-fi films out there. First up on Thu 23 Oct at 22:00 with DJ Food (Ninja Tune/Solid Steel) performing a live turntablist set of sci-fi songs, cosmic music and retro electronic visions of a future very different from the one we live in now followed by a screening of cult classic Space is The Place.

Next up is electro-acoustic heroes Bronnt Industries Kapital followed by James Cameron's classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Fri 14 Nov at 23:00) and finally, The Herbaliser's Ollie Teeba presenting an homage to the mother of all sci-fi films, War of The Worlds leading to a late night screening of the 1953 version of the film. Park your UFOs in the Café/Bar from 22:00 on Fri 28 Nov to hear Ollie drive a deeply layered mix of soundtracks, soundscapes and atmospheric music from his extensive collection of vinyl.

So keep your eyes to the skies!