Producing the Future: Understanding Watershed's Role in Ecosystems of Cultural Innovation

Posted on Mon 14 Jun 2010
AntiVJ's Light Sculpture at Mapping Festival 2008

In looking to the future we've had to review what it really means to be an open innovation hub, connecting ideas and individuals across a wide range of creative, cultural and commercial constituencies. And we've had to reflect on what we've learned in trying to build a cultural programme that showcases talent and rewards the curiosity of all our collaborators and audiences.

A vital partner in our efforts to better understand these questions has been the International Futures Forum, who have brought to the party some deep and innovative thinking on the question of value creation both in the arts and much more widely. Producing the Future is the result of a two year inquiry by the IFF, which began as we opened the Pervasive Media Studio, another gear change in our innovation and talent development practice. Dick Penny, Managing Director, Watershed.

This new study of Watershed was launched in Washington DC on 11 May at a seminar hosted by National Arts Strategies and British Council USA with IFF Director Graham Leicester. The report is a companion piece to Bill Sharpe's set of essays Economies of Life: patterns of health and wealth.

There is great interest in the novel patterns of engagement and value creation explored in the report, not least as 'the economic tide threatens to go out'.

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Economies of Life: Patterns of health and wealth by Bill Sharpe is published by Triarchy Press. Further Information


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