Watershed and Lockdown

Posted on Mon 2 Nov 2020

The Watershed building will temporarily close from 22:00 on Wed 4 Nov

After the Government's announcement this weekend, the Watershed building will temporarily close (again) from 22:00 on Wed 4 Nov and our upcoming programme is cancelled for now.

If you have booked tickets with us we will be getting in touch with you to let you know you can either choose to have a full refund or accept a credit on your account so you can redeem your tickets once we re-open. Alternatively, you can help us by considering donating any tickets you have bought.

Like we did during the first lockdown, we will try to continue to bring you a programme online. We can't say for certain when we will re-open again, but we'll keep everyone updated about our plans and the programme on our website, newsletter, and social media channels (Twitter and Facebook).

Our infinite thanks to everyone who has donated to us during this difficult time. You can support us by making a donation or sponsoring a cinema seat - every donation helps.

Thank you for all the kindness we have received, during the first lockdown, during our re-opening, and after the weekend's news. We never fail to be moved and grateful for the kindness of our community and supporters. Thank you.

We are thinking of you all. Stay safe, stay in touch, and look after each other.

With love,
Team Watershed x