Watershed’s new Food Residency in partnership with At-Bristol

Posted on Tue 19 Apr 2016
Image © Delia Spatareanu for Motley Collective

We are delighted to announce artist Sabrina Shirazi is the winner of Watershed’s first ever Food Residency, in partnership with At-Bristol. Sabrina will develop OPUS, a new performance event that will unite sound, image and taste in a delicious fusion of music, performance and – of course – food.

We invited creative practitioners - from chefs to scientists and everything in-between - to apply for the residency, an exciting opportunity for individuals to develop their practice at the intersection of art, technology and food.

As part of her residency Sabrina receives a bursary, producer and technical support to develop her ideas and create prototype experiences here at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio and At-Bristol Science Centre from Tue 3 May - Fri 15 July 2016.

Watershed Producer, Verity McIntosh says:

“We love the way that Sabrina’s project OPUS will explore food, performance and emerging technologies in equal measure. Sabrina has a powerful visual style and a fantastic approach to unpicking social conventions around etiquette and food. This feels like a great moment for her to be ambitious and to explore new aspects of her creative practice - we are very much looking forward working with Sabrina to find out what’s next.”

Sabrina Shirazi explains:

“Imagine entering a white studio with an orchestra tuning up. You are offered a box of culinary delicacies to take to your seat. There is a large formal banquet table. The room quietens as the performers approach the table. You are summoned to taste the first serving, and the music begins.

OPUS is a live performance to unite sound, image and taste by harnessing congruent elements between them. What visuals and taste would resonate with a particular sound? I seek to tantalise and overwhelm an audience by exploring the cohesion of music, colour and flavour as one continuous, impactful punch.”

Anna Starkey, Creative Director of At-Bristol says:

“It’s hugely exciting for us to be in partnership with Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio to support an artist in developing their practice, sharing influences, ideas and connections to see what might take flight. Sabrina’s project occupies a tantalising territory where installation, performance, exhibition and experiment can merge and evolve to find new form. We can’t wait to discover what it looks, sounds, feels and tastes like.”

Check back for more updates from Sabrina and the team as the Food Residency gets going in May.