We've got a new Box Office system

Posted on Tue 8 Apr 2014
Box Office

The day has finally come... we have successfully installed our new Box Office system which is good news for you - it will be quicker, smoother, and the online booking system will be far easier to use. If you are a Loyalty Card holder, you will now be able to automatically add loyalty points to your account when you book online (and redeem them too!).

The whole booking process will be much swifter for everyone, whether you are booking on the internet or at Box Office and the new online booking system will remember your details - so you won’t have to put them in every time you book.

Please let us know how you find it

Now that it's up and running and you've had a chance to use it we would love to know what you think - what is working well? what is annoying? what could be improved? Your feedback will really help us make sure the system works for you just drop us an email and we will take it from there. Thank you.