Urbanimals' Rabbit. Where will you find him?

What's on in September: Urbanimals, Stick House, Encounters and more

What's happening in September - including the bouncing, hopping, swimming and crawling Urbanimals, the mysterious Stick House and more...

The Urbanimals are coming...

This year's Playable City Award winner launches in mid September

Over the last couple of years we have welcomed chatty lampposts and dancing shadows to Bristol's streets - both projects (Hello Lamp Post and Shadowing) have been previous winners of our Playable City Award. Now Urbanimals, the winner of this year's Award, will join them and bounce, hop and swim and crawl across the city from mid September.

These curious critters are the creations of LAX and Polish artists Anna Grajper and Sebastian Dobiesz and will pop up in surprising areas of the city, inviting you to play with them. Look out for rabbits, beetles, kangaroos and dolphins - we'll be unveiling their locations from mid September onwards so keep your eyes peeled. Who knows who you'll bump into on your usual travels?

Speaking of the unexpected, September sees the arrival of The Stick House, underground theatre taken to its most literal interpretation. A blazingly unique play that fuses performance, film, music and creative tech, The Stick House started life in development as part of the Pervasive Media Studio's artists' residency programme four years ago, and it is now finally ready to be unleashed into your hearts and minds.

It takes place in the tunnels under Temple Meads train station and is a dark, haunting gothic fable. Think Angela Carter meets Otto Dix and you're almost there. To reveal too much of what happens would be to spoil its pleasures so we recommend you open the door and get your ticket soon. The previews have already started to sell out: The Stick House is receiving visitors from Mon 7 Sept - Sat 17 Oct.

Check out our Calendar for the rest of the programme, including Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, How To Change The World, a female focus in our Onwards and Outwards Sunday Brunches and more...