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The Future of Print

Fri 20 Apr, 2012

Print media isn't having a happy time of late. Commentators have been hearing (and ringing) its death knell for quite a while now, and its slow decline shows no sign of abating: what does the future hold for the world's magazines, books and newspapers?

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'Let's get together and feel all right'

Wed 18 Apr, 2012

We all think we know Bob Marley: the face on the t-shirt, the voice on an album. He's the last king of reggae, and a music legend. But do we really know anything deeper about the man and his life?

This was a man who suffered years of prejudice as the child of an elderly white father and who himself fathered 11 children by seven different women. He used to conquer his stage fright by practicing in the local cemetery to sing for the evil spirits and was the target of an attempted murder.

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Pervasive Media Studio at Bordeaux's Digital Week

Thu 12 Apr, 2012

Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio was invited to take part in this year’s Bordeaux Digital Week (Semaine Digitale), France’s foremost creative technology festival, exploring the very latest in digital experiences.

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Watershed is part of The Space with 12 Unlimited Artists

Tue 10 Apr, 2012

PUSH ME, a collaboration led by Watershed, is one of the 53 digital arts projects commissioned by Arts Council England and BBC for The Space.

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This Easter do you have junior chocolatiers - or amateur Aardman animators?

Tue 3 Apr, 2012

Getting lost under the debris of Easter egg packaging and sitting in front of the television is not an option this Easter break here at Watershed: we've been cooking up some ace free workshops for kids and fun films for families to enjoy. The hardest thing you'll have to do is decide whether your young ones will be junior chocolatiers - or amateur Aardman animators.

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Dreyer: the lost and found filmmaker

Thu 29 Mar, 2012

Most filmmakers are lucky to have even one film in a career be considered a masterpiece. Carl Theodor Dreyer has made several, and is consistently ranked alongside the likes of Bresson, Ozu and Renoir as one of the cinema greats. How is it, then, that Dreyer and his films have escaped the public consciousness, why are they important, and is his influence still alive?

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Heritage Sandbox: from Georgian Gardens to future cemeteries

Mon 26 Mar, 2012

Six projects have been commissioned out of the South West to unlock histories, hauntings and happenings in all kinds of UK heritage attractions, unraveling rich experiences through the use of cutting edge technologies.

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'It begins with the audience'

Tue 20 Mar, 2012

‘A Future for British Film - it begins with the audience’ is the new Film Policy Review report published earlier this year by Dept for Culture Media and Sport.

‘What has this to do with Watershed?’ you may ask. The short answer is everything.

Our Managing Director Dick Penny elaborates:

Cinema can be so much more than entertainment.

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Mentoring young people, the green economy - and a new menu

Mon 19 Mar, 2012

Last week Oliver Pratt, our Executive Chef, was invited to be a mentor as part of Your Green Future, a range of talks, workshops and exhibitors designed to engage young people with opportunities in the green economy.

Local school children were challenged to create a sustainable ready meal or an environmentally friendly fashion item, and Oliver was one of the group of professionals - which included the founder of one-pot-meal company Stewed!, the head of the Better Food Company, and a Fairtrade Ambassador - who were on hand throughout the workshops to offer their advice.

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Schools inspired by Electric December filmmaking workshop

Mon 12 Mar, 2012

Young filmmakers of the future descended upon Watershed last week for a workshop designed to get them inspired to create short films for Electric December, Watershed’s annual online film showcase.

The students, aged 11-18, from eight different schools came together with industry professionals to make eight short films. Watch their mini-westerns, noirs and slapsticks here.

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