Photo of Adam Murray standing looking at the camera wearing a black t-shirt

Adam Murray

Adam is a writer, critic, broadcaster and programmer involved in various Film Collectives and Festivals including Come The Revolution, Cinema Rediscovered, Cables & Cameras, Common Hand and Bristol Black Horror Club. He is also a member of Universal Magnetic Radio Show.

Adam has previously collaborated with Bristol’s Watershed on a screening of Ava Duvernay’s first feature This Is The Life, an Afrofuturism season as part of BFI Sci-Fi: Days of Fear And Wonder as well as BFI’s Black Star season. He also regularly contributes to Cables & Cameras’ film networking event at the Cube Cinema.

His programming interests focus on Blackness and African diaspora on screen. With a particular passion for exploring Mixed-Race identity, Global Hip Hop Culture, Science Fiction: Utopia/Dystopia and exploring Black Horror with Bristol Black Horror Club.

Follow Adam Murray on Twitter @Admagnetic and Bristol Black Horror Club @BrisBlakHorrorC 

Head shot of actor Yaphet Kotto, 1970s feel to the image with the man smiling
Posted on Mon 19 July 2021 by Adam Murray
Film programmer and writer Adam Murray pays homage to actor Yaphet Kotto who passed away earlier this year, leaving behind an incredible body of work.
Hale County This Morning, This Evening
Posted on Tue 18 June 2019 by Adam Murray
Struck by how both films are able to tell sincere and compelling stories, seemingly revolving around the same themes and issues using the medium of ‘documentary-film', curator and critic Adam Murray reflects on the still staggeringly different approaches taken by two engaging films on the human condition; Hale County This Morning, This Evening and Hoop Dreams.
Adam Murray
Posted on Thu 27 Oct 2016 by Adam Murray
Go on a journey from Hendrix to hip hop as Come The Revolution co-curator Adam Murray introduces a playlist inspired by Hendrix biopic Jimi: All Is By My Side.