Portrait of Zoe Rasbash, Environmental Emergencies Action Researcher, Watershed

Zoe Rasbash

Environmental Emergencies Action Researcher

As part of Bristol+Bath Creative R+D, Zoe is working with creative institutions, SMEs, businesses and freelancers to explore and co-develop a framework for climate action. 

With a background in climate justice youth organising and policy advocacy, Zoe has campaigned at the local, national and international level for just responses to the climate crisis. She previously coordinated the UK Youth Climate Coalition international team, leading the UK youth delegation to the UN Climate Conferences, pushing for climate reparations and support for climate migrants. At Amnesty International and Climate Strategies, Zoe worked to ensure international climate activism and research co-produced impactful results with those on the ground. She previously sat as youth representative on the UN Taskforce for Climate Displacement.

Motivated by the exciting opportunity at the intersection of the arts and environmental justice, Zoe is a guest climate editor for Shado-mag, co-founder of Lilith Archive and conducted her masters dissertation on film, gender and the climate emergency.

Email: zoe.r@watershed.co.uk

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Woman seated outside painting at a table.
Posted on Tue 28 June 2022 by Zoe Rasbash

Introducing the Creative Climate Action Toolkit designed specifically to support smaller businesses, organisations, collectives and freelancers to act on climate.