Watershed Policies

These policies detail the principles that underpin how we work with audiences, artists and staff.

Each policy contains contact details if you have any specific feedback or questions.

A group people standing and chatting in Watershed Box Office
Last updated: 26 October 2020

This complaints policy is for applicants to or participants in Watershed’s creative projects and details Watershed's structured process for handling complaints.

Dignity and respect at work, drawn on a blackboard
Last updated: October 2019

We aim to promote a culture of dignity and respect where all employees, customers, clients and other external parties are treated fairly and with respect; in an environment that is free from any form of unacceptable behaviour including discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Photo of icebergs in a lake
Last updated: October 2019

Our environmental policy sets out the areas of focus where we believe we can make an impact on environmental sustainability.

Photo of four young people, dressed up and celebrating
Last updated: Dec 2018

Watershed seeks to be inclusive across all areas of our business. By producing authentic, welcoming spaces and engaged programmes, we strive to reflect, include and champion audiences, artists and staff from all backgrounds.

Photo of the exterior of Watershed, Bristol
Last Updated: 23 September 2020

How Watershed protects your personal information, what information we request from you and how we collect and processes your information.

A photo of the backs of a group of 4 young people overlooking Watershed
Last Updated: 7 June 2018

This additional privacy policy covers how we use your personal data (or your child’s if they are under 18 years of age) when taking part in any workshops or projects working with Young People, run by Watershed.

Photo of 4 your people standing against a wall
Last updated: 2 July 2018

How use personal information within the recruitment process to allow us to manage the recruitment process, assess applicant’s suitability for the role they are applying for, confirm a candidate's suitability for employment and decide who to hire.

Anonymous photo of a child cuddling a colourful toy
Last updated: May 2019

Protecting children, young people and adults at risk who engage with Watershed activities the overarching principles that guide our approach to safeguarding.

Photo of the exterior of Watershed with a ferry going past
Last updated: February 2020

This policy communicates Watershed’s commitment to an ethical, values-driven approach across all aspects of our business.