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Image from Afterworld by Simon Poulter


Artist Simon Poulter created Afterworld, a series of six works investigating online and offline culture, for the Clark/DA2 Bursary.

Artist Simon Poulter was one of the early recipients of the Clark’s Bursary. His project Afterworld was a series of six new works which were exhibited/performed over a period of six months in 2000. The works investigated 'online' and 'offline' culture, inviting the viewer to explore a post-biological reality or 'afterworld'. An accompanying card game was available to online subscribers.

His series of six interventions included a digital guillotine – a live decapitation to find your boundaries – and the Slacker Table, a version of which is still enjoyed by customers in Watershed’s Café/Bar today.

Poulter develops work that is political and behavioural in nature. His practice explores the human use of technology in everyday life. He has worked with a range of arts organisations and educational institutions in the UK and abroad. He has also been influential in developing media labs throughout the UK and internationally and works as a consultant iconoclast to a variety of media arts clients. He is a founding Director of PVA MediaLab in Bridport.

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Ended in August 2000

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