This Gallery and Archive represents 24 years of work that Watershed has co-created, partnered on and commissioned. It presents work that spans the period of time when we started talking of a digital revolution – the democratisation of artistic and creative activity from across our communities in its many and varied forms, to more recent work that explores creativity as we look to a more uncertain future.

A pixellated digital image of small tree-covered islands floating in a blue sky
Project Ended in November 2021

Gathering Moss is a digital landscape populated with artistic ideas made in response to the climate emergency - it presents ideas online, to provoke net-zero acts within the real world.

Photo of Layered Realities 5G showcase in Millennium Square Bristoltol
Project Ended in March 2018

An exploration of the potential of 5G through a series of experimental events - asking artists, researchers and creatives to produce bold new works in public space.

Image from The Garden by Jenny Sealey and Strange Fruit
Project Ended in September 2012

A Watershed produced collaboration which follows 12 artists working as part of Unlimited, the Cultural Olympiad programme focusing on disability.

Light Up Bristol
Length: 5m 3s

This short film by AntiVJ captures the alternative epic Christmas lights show which transformed the façade of Bristol’s Council House.

Dream Director installation
Project Ended in June 2007

A multi-user interactive installation developed by Luke Jerram, recipient of the 6th Clark Bursary, which audiences experienced during their sleep.

Am I A Bad Kid?
Length: 4m 30s
BFI Film Academy Bristol

Jay explores the lack of support that the school system provides for excluded kids and young people with diverse needs, and how being labelled as a 'bad kid' has damaging effects for a young person's development.

My Sister and ADHD
Length: 5m 46s
BFI Film Academy Bristol

Sisters Emily and Isabel were close growing up, then Isabel got diagnosed with ADHD. This short documentary takes a look at how ADHD affects their relationship, as they navigate the changes of growing up together.

This Hair is Beautiful
Length: 5m 14s
BFI Film Academy Bristol

A group of young people of colour talk about the ways in which hair is intertwined with identity and how they have come to love and celebrate their hair texture.

Network for Creative Enterprise
Length: 13m 11s
What we do

A partnership which offered business support for creative individuals and small companies to develop a creative idea into an economically sustainable business.

A grid of items representing an online gallery of creative work
Project Ended in July 2018

Ten years after Watershed’s online gallery DShed was conceived in 1999 – this article discussed its Past, Present & Future

Layered Reality 5G weekend: an introduction
Length: 2m 18s

A short film introducing the Layered Reality 5G weekend: the first urban testbed for public users.

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut
Length: 5m 34s

An immersive theatre piece, developed as part of our 2016 Artist in Residence programme, in which protagonist Afronaut Femi travels through space in search of life on other planets.

McLuhan's Message: Picnic in Space
Length: 28m 18s

Picnic in Space is a rare jewel of a film in which Marshall McLuhan banters with his long time cohort Harley Parker.

What’s The Score? The Mistletoe Bough
Length: 8m 45s

This classic gothic film gets a brand new score as part of a Filmic workshop for 18-25 year olds.

Zombie Watch
Length: 4m 41s

Meet Dave, a hapless young zombie trying to make his way in the world.

Two older black women, one looking into the camera
Project Ended in June 2013

Joff Winterhart and Tom Stubbs worked with 28 older people around Bristol to time-travel through living memory.

Digital Dishes
Length: 3m 10s

A week long workshop for over fifties from across Europe, creating digital stories based on their personal experiences with food.

Grundtvig participants at work
Project Ended in April 2013

Two digital literacy workshops for learners aged over fifty who had little or no experience of working with digital media.