Still from Facedance

Bristol Bhangra Facedances

Lively and entertaining video portraits of peoples’ faces filmed whilst listening to Bhangra music.

Bristol Bhangra Facedances was commissioned by Bristol based Asian Arts Agency as a part of the Bhangra Project, a major arts and cultural celebration and exploration of Bhangra culture in the UK.

Bristol Bhangra Facedances are video portraits of people listening and dancing with their face to bhangra music created by artist Jonathan Stone. Some Facedances are still, some are animated, some are very self-conscious, some exuberant. The variety of people – performers and non-performers, different ages, gender, and background - makes each Facedance unique.

Ninety five Facedances were recorded in January 2009, and then shown in Bristol Library, on the BBC Big Screen and at Watershed during February and March. Watershed supported the Facedances project as a filming location, providing technical support and video editing facilities.

The Bhangra Project ran from August 2008 to July 2009.

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Ended in February 2009