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Dug Out

A website that celebrates the past and future of Bristol’s musical cultural life.

Dug Out is a mini online portal into the musical underbelly of Bristol, using the infamous club of the same name as a focus and metaphor for the wonderful peculiarities of the city and its creative community. It aims to chronicle, capture and celebrate Bristol’s music (and musicians) in its past, present and future forms.

The Dug Out on Park Row was, even after its closure in 1986, the spiritual and physical home of Bristol’s music scene – among famous turntable residents at The Dug Out were the legendary Wild Bunch (later Massive Attack).

On the website you can read articles on the scene, peoples’ accounts of the club, see images of the time and have a look at a cross section of Bristol-based musicians. You can read artist bios, look at photographs and listen to streaming audio DJ sets from the likes of Kid Carpet, I am the Mighty Jungulator, Tony Orrell, Semiotic, Statik Sound System, Grand Theft Audio and many, many more.

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Ended in June 2005

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